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Video Ali Sayanoldu Mu Ali Sayan Oldumu

Video Ali Sayanoldu Mu Ali Sayan Oldumu – Great fight between famous entertainer Mehmet Ali Erbil and Seda Sayan. The discussion between the pair, who had been close friends for a while, began with reproaches and escalated into serious accusations. Sayan alleges that the popular entertainer sexually assaulted a woman who worked at his home. Erbil said, “If I have made a mistake, is it slander?” he say.

It all started when Mehmet Ali Erbil shared Tolga Yüce’s words on Instagram: “If his past were a little cleaner, he would put on an iftar show. Good luck, TV is still recruiting people Women can’t reach this rating.” “

Video Ali Sayanoldu Mu Ali Sayan Oldumu

Video Ali Sayanoldu Mu Ali Sayan Oldumu

He did NOT CALL ME AND did NOT ask Erbil over the phone during the Beyaz Magazine show broadcast on Beyaz Tv and explained why she shared such a post: Seda Sayan has not contacted me in two five. Not once did he ask about my health. My close friends wouldn’t leave me alone, but Seda Sayan wouldn’t even ask my manager about my health let alone call me. Especially Hülya Avşar and İbrahim Tatlıses did not leave me.

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Breaking his silence over his old friend’s accusations, Sayan said: “May Allah correct him. May Allah reward him. I wish he would learn from what happened to him. him and try to cleanse his filthy soul.” Unfortunately, he does not give up his kind nature. ‘

Seda Sayan, still infuriated, this time strongly denounced Erbil from her social media account. Seda Sayan said that the famous host raped her maid at home. There’s more to it than that, I think mind your own business and purify your soul. In addition, this event will not stain my past. Since this event is the reason for your divorce, all your spouses and family should know about this fact. Everyone tried to save you. I’m the one locking the door outside. You’re a man with a dirty past.”

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I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s dignity and I would never have done so towards a friend as old as history.

But you also know that I’ve been living on the brink of death for two years now. My doctors warned everyone around me that I might have paranoia.

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Haven’t you also asked ‘if such a thing happens, why are you silent’? Anyway, my forehead is white and I’ve done my part. Let everyone do their own thing.

Mehmet Ali Erbil’s Tears: I Can’t Love My Mother 40, published on GAIN and performed by Jülide Ateş, the host artist Mehmet Ali Erbil. Mehmet Ali Erbil, who honestly answered questions about childhood, youth, early career years, marriage, love, passion, children and art, couldn’t hold back her tears!

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