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Terraria: How to Get Ultra Absorbant Sponge

Changes to game quality of life were introduced in version 1.4.4. We may now be experiencing new mechanics thanks to the advent of the Aether biome, from getting the new Slime Town Pets to changing your stuff by soaking it in Shimmer.

The Ultra Absorbant Sponge is a newly added item, and we’ll show you where to find it.

How to get a super absorbent terraria sponge

Terraria Super Absorbent Sponge is a brand new ingredient that has been included in the latest patch. It can absorb an infinite amount of liquid. Combining three different types of absorbent sponges will produce this item. It can absorb every liquid in the game, making liquid grief somewhat bearable.

Get a super absorbent sponge

The super absorbent sponge, the lava sponge, and the honey sponge can be combined to create a super absorbent sponge.

Super absorbent sponge

Angler rewards you with a random super absorbent sponge upon completion of any hunting missions. After the 10th mission in Hardmode, there is a 1/70 chance that you will find it.

Absorbent Lava Sponge

When fishing in the lava at Hardmode, you can find Lava Absorbant, a rare item that drops.

honey absorbent sponge

Angler’s “Caught in Honey” Bumble Bee quest culminates in a honey-sucking sponge as a prize. You can get fish if you go into the forest and fish with honey.

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