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Terraria: How to Get Hermes Boots

Hermes shoes are an accessory item that boosts your movement speed to 30% of your base speed. It is usually dropped from the many chests and chests that can be found in the underground layer of your world.

Since they are randomly generated, getting the boots early will depend on pure luck but we’ve found a quick way to do this so you can get them early in your game.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Hermes boots in Terraria the easy way, by planting a new world.

How to get Hermes shoes in Terraria

Image source and source: Udison Gaming

Open your game and choose your character. From here, you will have to create a new global seed. Go to the Create a new world option and enter the name of your world.

You can choose any world size for this and you can also choose the world difficulty freely. It will not affect the appearance of Hermes shoes in the world.

In the seed option, enter the initial number on the image above. Click Create and enter the world.

Turn left and find a cave

Travel left until you reach a cave that looks like the picture above. Stand at the edge of the cave and count 34 blocks to your right. Stand on block 34 and prepare for your mining requirements because you will be mining straight down to find the golden chest where the Hermes Boots are.

Dig straight down until you come across the golden chest

If you calculate your dig spot correctly, you will see a golden chest to your right. Ignore this and dig deeper. The golden box containing the shoes will be at the bottom of a pool of water that you will have to dig into a tunnel to get to the bottom.

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Get a Hermes shoes

Find the chest and open it. Inside, there will be a different type of Hermes boots called Valorant Hermes Boots. Aside from giving you an increase in movement speed, this also increases your melee attack by 5%.

With the boot in your possession, you can now save your character and leave the world or continue exploring it for your next play.

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