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Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Unlimited money, diamonds) download

Endless runner games have become popular since the launch of mobile games. If you remember, the first endless runner game that made it big was Temple Run in 2011. Then there are Subway Surfers in 2012 and its installments. There are plenty of endless runner games nowadays each with its own features and developments. If you are a fan of these games, you will love this game!

Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK New Update

Talking Tom Hero Dash APK is a game developed by Outfit7 Limited. These guys are responsible for the very popular Talking Tom game. Now, they are back with this game and it already has 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In this fun endless runner game, you can play as anyone in the world of Talking Tom. Defeat gangs of raccoons and take part in boss fights. Apart from that, there are a lot of features that this game provides! Read below to find out.

What is Talking Tom Hero Dash?

Endless runner games have been popular since 2011. Since Temple Run was first released, there have been many endless runner games in the market each with their own themes. For this reason, they have created their own kind of game and introduced very prominent games like Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride, Sonic Dash, Agent Dash and more!

If you like these kinds of games, you will love this game! Talking Tom Hero Dash is a game developed by Outfit7 Limited. These developers are responsible for the popular game Talking Tom. This game is part of the popular game, but this time there are changes. First, this game is an endless runner game. In this game, the goal is to go as far as you can while collecting coins and boosting strength. Try to dodge obstacles for as long as possible and defeat the raccoons.

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Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK

After that, you can also play as Tom or any other superhero in the Talking Tom world as Angela and their superhero friends! Apart from that, there are plenty of landscapes that you will pass through in Talking Tom Hero Dash. You can also choose power-ups that each have unique abilities to give your characters. There are power-ups that will allow you to speed up in the game like Flash and there is also a power-up that will allow you to become a coin magnet for a set amount of time. All in all, there is a lot to expect in this epic game that brings a whole new meaning to the endless runner game genre! Read on to find out more.

Features of Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a unique endless runner game that allows you to beat raccoons and become a superhero! Apart from that, there are a lot of features in this game. here they are:

unique game – Endless runner games are not entirely new, as there are countless games of this type in the mobile market now. However, developers are always looking for new ways to reintroduce this genre to the market and one such way is Talking Tom Hero Dash. In this game, you will get to know the familiar elements of endless runner game such as cool characters, coins, obstacles and wonderful landscapes. However, this game adds a bit of sophistication to the ever popular genre. In this game, there are raccoons on your way! Defeat them by crashing into them to earn rewards! There are also new stunts to do and many other features!

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Talking Tom Hero Dash apk latest version

Raccoon Boss fights – Talking Tom Hero Dash has a twist on the popular endless runner genre. Here, you will have to defeat the raccoon gangs by crashing into them. Doing so will give you rewards and save the city from destruction. Apart from that, you will have epic boss battles across all five locations! These raccoon bosses aren’ anything you’ve fought before, so get ready for an exciting and challenging battle! Defeat them by defeating minions and perfectly dodging obstacles! There are a lot of bosses to fight and all of them are powerful in their own right. Your job is to destroy them to get crazy rewards!

playable characters – Talking Tom Hero Dash lets you play as a superhero trying to save the city from devastating raccoons! In this game, you can play as Tom, Angela or any of their superhero friends! Each character in this game is their own unique skills and tools! It’s up to you which hero suits you the most! Try to collect them all by earning more rewards and defeating bosses!

Talking Tom Hero Dash apk-free-download

wonderful worlds – Talking Tom Hero Dash features amazing worlds that you can’ find anywhere else! There are a lot of unique places where you will run and fight raccoons! There are skyscrapers, tropical surfing beaches, Chinese-inspired villages and other temples! Overall, you will appreciate the attention to detail that the developers of this game have put into the game. Nothing is out of place and you will notice the elegant animation.

stunts – In Talking Tom Hero Dash, there are a lot of stunts that you can do. Skip obstacles, jump across rooftops, swing on cranes, and more! You will face different obstacles all the time and you can perform dangerous stunts on your own! Overall, this game features stunts that will amaze you!

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Clothes – Talking Tom Hero Dash also allows you to unlock different outfits for your heroes! You can customize your hero the way you want to make the game even more exciting! Nobody can stop you from being the hero you want in this game!

special events – Talking Tom Hero Dash also features special events and missions that you can complete for rewards! Participate in it weekly to unlock more content and rewards!


graphics – In terms of graphics, Talking Tom Hero Dash offers 3D graphics that will amaze you! Enjoy the stunning landscapes, cute characters and elegant animations that this game has to offer!

Regulations – This exciting endless running game offers easy to control controls. In this game, you will just swipe the screen down to dodge and swipe up to jump. Then you can swipe left and right to move sideways. Then, you can double-tap the screen to destroy things.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Gems

Talking Tom Hero Dash is an amazing and unique endless runner game set in the world of Talking Tom! Download the unlimited money mod now to get the latest rewards!

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