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Scary Teacher Stone Age Mod APK 0.1.1 (Unlimited Energy)

scary teacher He’s back with a high school camping adventure! On an annual camping trip, all the students are forcibly taken by Miss to a terrifying and terrifying place where no one is allowed to roam. Everyone is trapped in the mysterious camping area with high walls.

About a scary stone age teacher

scary stone age teacher The aim of the game is to teach the former teacher how to behave appropriately after bullying the children. In the Stone Age, the player and scary stone age teacher In prehistoric times due to a glitch in the system. After traveling back in time to find the Time Machine, Lady accidentally ends up in the Stone Age with the evil teacher. The game play has not changed. In the single player campaign, the player has to visit Miss and modify the actions of the main opponent to make his life a nightmare. To all of you the best and most popular z & k Scary Teacher 3D game


– Endless entertainment
– Play with Miss
– Escape from Miss’s wrath
– Nick and Tani are on a mission to save the other kids
– Return to current times after completing tasks

Building plots for the teacher

The main objective of the game is to explore the different locations in Miss’s house. The student who ended up with the teacher in the distant past is the one who controls the game. You can explore the area as you wish, but the main goal is to avoid getting involved with the teacher.
Set up traps and hide various items to lure the teacher into the trap. Use different objects to make the most of the situation – the more elusive the trick, the better.

Use different items to achieve success.

To complete the game, players need to collect different items. However, this is not ideal because the main character only has a limited amount of inventory.

There are four cells where players can put their things. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice since there are a lot of items in the area. If the user makes a mistake and collects extra items, the draw will fail and the user will need to re-pass the level.

Don’ let yourself get caught.

Bugs can occur while exploring the different locations of the game. The teacher can catch you, or you may run out of energy, and not much can be done to save you from the opponent. A point scattered around the house can help restore some player power but can use a little to protect you from the opponent.

In some stages, you can also find a gas can and a stun gun that can hit Miss The setting of the game is stone age, which makes it an interesting option. The play of the game is also fun because the user can make fun of the teacher, but she also has to avoid appearing as if she is in the eyes of the teacher. If you can catch the cheater, the level will be replayed and the level will restart.

MOD description

Download mod for Stone Age scary teacher and get unlimited energy To make the most of the bad deals that a teacher can offer.

mold test

The story of the game is about a teacher who allows himself to get a lot during school time. Then he is forced to choose between one of the heroes available to him. To stop the malicious teacher, you must choose one of these heroes. The story also takes place in ancient times, when you had the opportunity to use a time machine.

The goal of the game is to find hidden objects and tricks to help the user avoid the teacher. In most cases, the gameplay starts with simple things like making traps. However, the user will develop more complex skills over time. In addition, she will also have to think about the actions that need to be taken to avoid the teacher’s attention.

The game’s controls are multi-position buttons, and it has inventory that can be used to buy and collect items. Unlike other games with scary moments, the gameplay is not scary. It’s more like a cult game that revolves around the idea of ​​finding the neighbor.

Our summary

The game’s cult-like character is known as Scary Teacher Stone Age. In this game, the user can explore new levels and help her friends defeat the teacher.

Download Scary Teacher Stone Age Mod APK

  • 1. Go to download page Get the latest version of the app.
  • 2- Open the file manager and start playback
  • 3. Switch on Allow from this source. Tab in device settings when installing the APK file for the first time.
  • 4. Complete the installation process by following the on-screen tips.

credits :- Z & K Games (Owner and Publisher).

visit :- to download more mod apps and games for free.

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