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Nox Cleaner 3.7.2 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Nox Cleaner MOD APK helps you to clean junk files in your Android phone quickly and effectively and also helps you to manage files. Download now!

Introduction to Nox Cleaner

Android is an open operating system where users can download and install external applications, including unknown sources. Therefore, Android devices can run the risk of hackers attacking with unwanted files and malicious files that appear during use. There are many solutions to this problem, and Nox Cleaner is one of the best and most popular solutions today.

Nox Cleaner is developed by Nox Mobile – a company based in Hong Kong, which is the developer of many other popular applications such as NoxAppLock, Nox Security and Nox Browser.

Clean your device quickly and efficiently

Even if you don’ install apps from unknown/untrusted sources, while in use, your Android device will create junk files that fill up memory and reduce overall performance. Nox Cleaner will help you to clean these junk files simply and quickly.

To clean the device, simply click the “Clean” icon in the circle in the middle of the screen. Nox Cleaner will scan the file system and applications installed on the device to look for junk mail. Next, you can see more information about cleaning and total storage space.

Note that the types of junk files that Nox Cleaner cleans include files and cache stored in apps on the device. As a result, some data will be deleted so that these applications can start and run faster. You will have to grant access to usage data for Nox Cleaner to perform these related tasks.

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Secure your device

Nox Cleaner is not only a junk file cleaning app but also a comprehensive security app for Android devices.

Specifically, Nox Cleaner can scan and remove viruses. Viruses are terrifying. They are able to spread quickly, destroy files and steal your information. At the same time, it is also one of the reasons for a serious decrease in the performance of the device. Nox Cleaner can also detect security holes and vulnerabilities on vulnerable devices. With these warnings, you can fix and prevent malicious attacks right away.

In addition to scanning for viruses and vulnerabilities, Nox Cleaner also supports blocking applications at risk of information leakage. You will set up a password for them. And every time you start an app or retrieve information, you need to enter the password for authentication.

Other Features

Nox Cleaner is a versatile application. In addition to the above features, Nox Cleaner can also help you to optimize/save battery power for your device. That is, Nox Cleaner will check and check the battery consumption of apps you used in the past and turn them off. At the same time, the app also suggests other solutions to save battery power like accessibility, turning off background apps, etc…

In addition to that, you can also perform other tasks such as blocking notifications, cooling the CPU and connecting a VPN with Nox Cleaner.

photo management

Pictures are one of the main reasons why your memory fills up so quickly. So, if the device has too many “unnecessary” or similar photos, you can delete them to save memory.

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Nox Cleaner supports photo management. It will scan all the photos on the device, and then split them into corresponding albums. From there, you can easily see the similar photos to delete.

What’s more in the premium version of Nox Cleaner?

The free version of Nox Cleaner has limited features. For example, automatic cleaning, VPN. The premium version will add these features. It costs $2 a month. You can renew by month or year. Some of the premium features:

  • Real-time protection when accessing the Internet
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • remove ads
  • automatic cleaning
  • VPN connection, change your IP address to network connection with many countries

MOD APK version of Nox Cleaner

MOD . Feature

Premium Unlocked: All paid features are unlocked.

Download Nox Cleaner MOD APK for Android

There are currently many cleaning apps like Nox Cleaner on Google Play. However, if you compare the ability to clean junk files and the speed of scanning, Nox Cleaner seems to be the champ. Therefore, this tool has won the love and trust of tens of millions of users around the world.

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