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NBA 2K23: How to Wear Hat Backwards

NBA 2k23 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts. Despite the number 23 in his name, it is actually the number 24The tenthNBA 2k The game in the series.

As basketball is, many new players wouldn’ think there was an option to wear hats in the first place – but NBA 2k23 has more than just basketball games. Find out here how to wear hats and, if you like, put them on in the back.

How to put the hat back on in NBA 2K23

The first thing you will do is go to new era a store. Approach the man behind the table and press X . button to open the store menu.

Image Credit: GosuNoob

Explore the multiple caps to see which you like the most. Of course, you will need money to buy. After completing the purchase, open the start menu and scroll right until you reach my player tab.

Among the many options that appear, you’ll want to select City One. This will take you to a window with options to change a file summitAnd the JacketAnd the dress shirtAnd the blazerAnd the lowerAnd the headAnd the headphonesAnd the back bag And the baseball cap style 1along with others.

Image Credit: GosuNoob

The option you want is below all of those. baseball cap style 1 It will open a window where you can equip your recently purchased hat (and any other hat you already have), but it will be forward facing. If you want to wear it backwards, go to baseball cap style 2. You’ll have to “fit” the hat again even if you player It looks like he’s already using it to change the hat.

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