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Marauders: All Quests and Vaults Locations Asteroid Mine

As a looter shooter game, it comes as no surprise that Marauders have a lot of lockers in the game. Not only that, but it also features a number of missions for you to pick up and complete.

One area of ​​the game called Iridium Asteroid Mine features a range of missions as well as dungeons that you can find while exploring. We’ll go through all of their sites in this guide.

All mission locations and dungeons of Asteroid Mine are in Thieves

The Iridium Asteroid Mine is an area with a lot of vast and open space. This exposes you to a lot of enemies, so I highly recommend moving around this area carefully.

If you are looking for quests and dungeons inside the mine, here are some of the things you can find in this area:

Turn on the air

Credits: Spariha

To find this quest, you’ll want to head to the room that says “Air” which you can find to the left of the filter. Once inside, go through the second door and make your way into the area with small stairs.

Instead of going down the stairs, go left until you reach the Air Processor Room. Once you enter the room, find the locker on the right with the word “Air” on it. Simply activate the red switch to turn it on.

mine investigation

For this, you want to head to the oven. All you have to do is head to the massive oven to complete it.

Hold the security room

You can find this inside the security room. However, you will need a lock in order to enter. Inside, you’ll also find a chest that sits above the seat to the right.

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recover the nickel

This is really simple. All you have to do is search for one nickel ore inside the mine. There is one in the basement where you can find two bodies on the floor.


There is one vault in the mine, and you can find it after the air handler earlier. Once you enter the room, go through the second door and open the door under the stairs to the right.

Just follow the stairs and keep going down until you reach a room with a huge exercise in the middle. Then turn left and go to the upper left corner to find a narrow path. Go through the narrow corridor, after which you should find the cellar door.

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