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Last Update Video Del Taxi Cucuta On Twitter

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Last Update Video Del Taxi Cucuta On Twitter

Last Update Video Del Taxi Cucuta On Twitter

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Video Sexual Taxista En Cúcuta

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Yandex blue saves many bokeh videos, and there are also Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Thai movies and many others. Along with the development of technology, especially the Internet, many search engines appeared … En las ultimas horas, se volívo viral en redes sociales, a video of muestra en dos personas, bajo los efectos del alcohol, teniendo relaciones sexuales dentro de vehicle public service in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander.

Last Update Video Del Taxi Cucuta On Twitter

El hecho sucedió a plena luz del día in una sona popular y concurrida de Cúcuta, lo que generó indignation, no solo en los residentis y transeúntes de la zone, sino también entre los usuarios de redes sociales.

El Video Del Taxi En Cucuta Video Del Taxi Cucuta Ver Video

Luego de conocerse el video, Freddy Aranda, the conductor assigned to the taxi, spoke about what happened to the vehicle in his cargo, y precisó that he hired a taxi, to the man who appears in the video, he mentioned during three days that he would devote mechanical work en un taller de la ciudad.

“I already recommend the conductor, but I will follow me. Rechazo y me excuso por lo que pasó, un carro es para trabajar, no para cometer este tipo de cosas,” confirmed Aranda, responsible for the implied vehicle.

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For its part, Radio Taxi Cone Ltda., the company to which the vehicle is registered, rejected the facts through a statement published on its social networks.

“At Radio Taxi Cone Ltda. we complain and completely reject the rude actions carried out by various people inside the vehicle assigned to our company. It is necessary to clarify that this type of behavior is completely contrary to our corporate values ​​(. . . ) We will take the necessary measures to management of this situation and we guarantee that such actions will not happen again.

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And Radio Taxi Cone Ltda. lamentamos y rechazamos rotundamente los actos indecentes realizados por varias personas, al … Posted by TAXI RTC on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Este hecho generó que cientos de usuarios del servicio public en Cúcuta expresaran se discontentan por el servicio prestados por algunos taxiistas de la ciudad. In addition to expressing your feelings of insecurity while using the service.

“Falta que les den unas capacitaciones a los taxiistas de ética y cultura. Este gremio tiene que dar un gran ejemplo” confirmed the usuario en redes sociales.

Last Update Video Del Taxi Cucuta On Twitter

Luego de conocerse las quejas, the leader of taxi drivers, Consuelo Gutiérrez, confirmed that “it is unfair that these cases happen, taxi companies must be aware of the class of conductors they hire.” They are more concerned about attacking passenger transport platforms than improving the quality of service.

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