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Hill Climb Racing 1.55.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a racing game that lets you unleash your passion with high-speed passion.

About Hill Climb Racing

Are you a fan of cars? Do you dream of traveling around the world in your car? Or you simply have to forget about the hours lost in traffic, stuck in crowded lanes that budge a bit at times. You just want to step hard on the gas pedal, accelerate and overtake everyone, push the car into the garage, feel good to throw yourself on the couch…

Hill Climb Racing is a racing game unlike any other. I think it is very similar to endless running games like Subway Surfer or Flappy Bird because of the simple gameplay and controls (with just one finger), the only difference in this game, its main theme is the rickety ATV vehicle.

The game released by Fingersoft – a Finnish company, is free for both Android and iOS in 2012. In the first year of release, the game quickly achieved more than 100 million downloads. In April 2018, they released the second part of the game, and they also reached the one billion download mark.. What an impressive number!

Be the best driver

Entering Hill Climb Racing, you will play the role of a man named Newton Bill – a talented and ambitious young driver. With the first jeep available, you will drive it through rugged terrain like driving up and down, crossing bridges, rocky crevices and many other environments. The car’s control mechanism is very simple, you only need to reasonably use the acceleration and brake buttons to balance the car. It sounds easy, but you will feel like your car is like a ball bouncing on the ground. As this is a terrain driving game, the roads are not flat, just a slight mistake in the driving process is enough to make the car flip and that means you lose.

The main purpose of this game is to beat the challenging races and try to complete your journey. If you move slowly, you will be able to cross off-roads more easily, but it takes a lot of time and your car will likely run out of fuel along the way. When you are driving, don’ forget to collect coins. Coins are important things to help you buy new cars or necessary accessories.

1001 dead species

Hill Climb Racing mod 1024x576.0

There are many deaths in different ways in the races such as overturning the car, hitting the head on the rock, or the car running out of fuel (the reason sounds very funny, but it can happen). There is plenty of fuel and batteries scattered along the way, you can get them to continue your journey. Controlling your speed on steep stretches is a very important technique in Hill Climb Racing. If you don’ do it well, the car will easily lose its balance, causing it to roll over.

More than 30 vehicles

Hill Climb Racing 1024x576

When you start the game, Hill Climb Racing gives you a jeep. If you want to use it, that’s fine, but trying several cars is more fun. You can use your money to buy other special vehicles like bikes, trucks or even tanks. Each car has different advantages and disadvantages, such as a lightweight scooter that flies easily in the air or a slow but steady jeep. In addition to buying new cars, you can also improve the performance of your vehicle by providing it with the necessary accessories. The shock absorber system and the expensive tire can make your car safer after every landing.


Hill Climb Racing Maps 1024x576

When playing Hill Climb Racing, you can experience many maps that correspond to different environments such as desert, hills, and moon. Each map brings different challenges and difficulties that you need to overcome. Although it is simple 2D graphics, the game environment is still very clearly depicted with distant scenes such as a house, a tree or a few milking cows eating the grass.

MOD APK version of Hill Climb Racing

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Hill Climb Racing MOD APK For Android

Overall, Hill Climb Racing is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master, and there are many skills that need to be improved over time. There is no denying that the game is very funny, and very suitable for killing time when it is free. If you want more competition in the game, go online and join the cup tournament mode. Have fun!

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