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Grounded: Where to Find Toenail | Location Guide

It is a game full of bugs, insects and various creatures. Some of them are harmless and negative, while others are also called angry creatures. These are insects that will attack you as soon as you reach their sight. The only thing you can do is fight or escape.

One of the deadly creatures you can encounter in Grounded is black widow spider. Since it is a dangerous type of creature, it is not commonly seen everywhere. There are only a few specific locations they reside in, so you need to be careful when going through these.

Aside from safety purposes, you may also need to involve Black Widow Spiders in some of your tasks. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to help you find all the locations of Black Widow Spiders.

How to Find All Black Widow Spiders Grounded Location Guide

In this guide, you will learn about the dangerous locations in which these black spiders live. However, exploring these locations requires you to have a quality helmet and armor as these creatures can definitely cause massive damage.

To get started, here are the sites you should pay attention to.


Our first serious site is Toolbox. You find this in the upper backyard near the large frame. To find the location of the spiders, walk past the toolbox and you will find a groove with tangled spider webs.

Once you have already noticed the web, you are in the right place. Walk further and you will notice a small cave on the side. Keep walking inside and you’ll definitely spot those bad big boys.


Source: Sir Sim Allot

The next site will be in a homeless. However, you can only access this location after you are already in the late game’s story. You have to find all BURG.L chips first and deliver them to BURG.L so he can give you the fuse for SCA.B which will give you his location.

When you have already learned direction from SCA.B Dr. Once inside, go to the east of the shed. From there, you will have to jump into the water. Walk in the dark and you will see a door that will lead to the spiders.

car battery cave

The following site is one that will provide direct contact with the spider’s den. This can be easily located by going to the direct corner location of the shed roof. Having said that, going here requires getting better quality armor. Aside from that, you must also be dedicated to fighting these black spiders.

Once you see this big boulder, it is an indication that you have found the right place. To get through here, you’ll need a bomb to blow up this rocky blockage at the entrance. When it explodes, enter the cave and look to the left. There, you’ll see raw science…or should I say, a trap.

This spot where the raw flag is placed, is actually the entrance where it will drop straight into the spider’s den. When you get there, you have no other choice but to fight.

Behind Moldork Castle

The last site can be found behind the Muldurk Castle district. Of all these locations, this is the furthest from where I started, so expect a fairly long journey here.

Go to the field station you’ll see nearby, and make it a reference point. From there, run straight and pass large boulders. You’ll know you’ve already reached the end of the path when you see a large stem of the plant. Face it and you will see another groove with spider webs.

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