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Grounded: How to Unlock The Coltana

One of the toughest challenges in grounded It is the challenge required to unlock Coltana. Rewards you with a recipe hot coltanawhich is a weapon worthy of the end of the game and also deals with a hot effect. Although a must for most players, not all players have the guts to unlock this weapon.

Fortunately, this guide will help you on how to unlock Coltana. We have a hot challenge ahead, so pack yourselves for a challenging journey ahead.

How do you unlock Coltana?

Before taking on a challenge, it is very important that you appear prepared. During the challenge, you will face many Ladybug Larvae.

These aggressive insects have a fatal sting they can handle burr damage. Fortunately, they have an elemental weakness against Fresh. So I recommend using level 3 weapons like mint miss Because it has a fresh effect.

Speaking of the new effect, it is also best to approach the challenge with an extension New defense feature and covered with Antlion Equipment.

The new defense feature can be achieved by Eat mint pieces Scattered all over the backyard. Moreover, Antlion Equipment gives you burr protection. You will definitely need these because you will face a lot of burrs.

How do you find Coltana?

The Coltana bag can be opened in the Charcoal bag located in the backyard. You will immediately notice that getting close to the flaming rock will affect the player. Good thing I prepared.

To start the challenge, you have to pull the sword. When that happens, the Ladybird Lava bugs will start appear all over the area.

You need to fight them and survive. This is very difficult because, on top of dealing with the roaring effect caused by the coals, you also need to fend off the Ladybird Lavas that are swarming you and the sword.

To survive, just use the tips I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Once you’re done, you’ll be rewarded with a Spicy Coltana recipe.

To craft it, you only need 2 Spicy Glob, 5 EverChar charcoal piecesAnd the 10 tough stalks.

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