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Grounded: How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket

The slime statues in Slime Rancher 2 are categorized into two types. There are regular figurines for decorative purposes only that you can find at Far, Far Range. Then there are the plort statues which, as the name suggests, require a matching board in order to activate.

Activating these plort figurines using the right board will open the portal right next to them. In this guide, I will show you exactly where you can find these portals and statues in the game.

All Plort Portals and Gnomes locations in Slime Rancher 2

Credits to Epokk for all the information we all need to locate these portals and statues in the game. You can watch his full video for a complete summary of the locations of all the statues and portals.

There are about 12 of these statues scattered throughout the map, and their respective locations are as follows:

Statue #1

This is the only statue you can find in the rainbow fields. All you have to do is head to this location on the map:

Here, you will find a small cave entrance. Just head inside and you’ll be able to find a crystal statue. This will require Tabby Plort to be activated.

Statue #2

The next area is Ember Valley which contains small statues. The first is close to the teleporter as you can see in the image below:

You can find it right under the cliff. To get there, you have to head to the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. Here you will find a small platform below that you need to get down to. Just follow the path down to find the plort statue.

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This one will require a Batty Plort to activate.

Statue #3

The second statue found in Ember Valley is located inside a small cave that you can find in this part of the map:

To get there, you have to make your way through the narrow lane and keep walking straight until you find the entrance. Head inside the cave until you come to a room with a huge stone pillar. Turn right and enter another room where there is a plort portal.

Within this area, there are 3 mini gnomes that need to be activated, all of which require Plum Blossoms.

Statue #4

The next area where you will look for these portals and statues is the Starlight Strand. This area has the largest number of statue portals and statues that you can unlock.

The first part can be found in this part of the map:

This is next to the teleporter, but to open it you have to walk around and get to the stern. You simply climb up the wall and then go down. Just go ahead to find the plort statue which requires Hunter Plort to be activated.

statue number 5

The second statue in the Starlight Strand is in this part of the map:

Here, you will see a small cave entrance. Simply step inside and you can instantly find a crystal statue. This will require Honeycomb to activate.

Statue #6

For this, simply head over to the Starlight Strand Center as shown below:

You will immediately find the portal and the statue in this location. Simply shoot the statue with the Rock Plort to activate it.

Statue #7

To get to the next portal and statue, you need to head to this part of the map:

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Once you get there, you’ll find a huge Honey Gordo guarding the small entrance that leads to where the statue and statue gate are. All you have to do is feed him 25 Mint Mango to empty him which then allows you to enter the small entrance.

Keep moving forward and turn left or right. There are two gates and statues here, both on either side. To activate them, you simply have to shoot them with 1 Phosport Plort each.

statue number 8

Head to this part of the map:

After arriving, you will find a huge wall with a circular hole in the middle and a flat gate in the lower middle. However, there are 3 small statues scattered throughout the area. The first is located on the left side of the huge wall above the cliff.

For the second, go up to the opening of the round but don’ go inside. Alternatively, look for the skewed statue on the right side. Next, you can find the last statue a little further from the second statue. Each of them requires 1 Hunter Plort to activate.

statue number 9

Navigate to this part of the map:

Head to the corner and you should be able to find a plort statue which requires activating the Rock Plort. Once the gate is open, head inside to find the second statue.

Simply get inside, keep going, and turn left. You will then be able to find the second statue in the room. For this, you will need to activate Hunter Plort.

Statue #10

You can find this inside a cave behind a waterfall on this part of the map:

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Simply pass through the waterfall and enter the cave. Keep moving forward and you will then find the statue that requires Angler Plort to be activated.

statue number 11

Similar to the second gate and the statue, you can also find this one just below the cliff. All you have to do is go to this site:

Then head to the edge of the cliff and find a platform to descend on. You will immediately find a plort portal and a statue that will require Pink Plort.

statue number 12

Finally, you can find the final portal and the statue in this part of the map:

Once you get there, face the cliff side. You’ll notice those fungal-looking pink things. Simply climb over it and make your way to the top of the cliff. Once you reach the top, you will cross a narrow road.

To the left is a small plant that you must jump on in order to climb to the upper platform. Finally, you’ll want to scroll up the side of the mountain to the right. Keep doing this until you find the statue gate and the statue on the side of the mountain slightly in front of you.

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