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Genshin Impact: How to Solve Illusionary Mural Puzzle

Genshin Impact celebrates Weinlesefest by launching a new event, from Ballads and Brews. This event caters to four different activities that you can finish to get special rewards. You can enjoy the entire event from September 29, 2022 to October 17, 2022.

One of the main tasks that you can accomplish during this event is When the music sounds. Your task here is to find Eight Fecund Hampers.

To get through this task, we have prepared this guide to help you find all the hidden fertility basket locations.

When the music sounds | All eight Fecund Hampers treasure locations in Genshin Impact

Fertility baskets are items that have been hidden by the NPCs, and your task is to find them all. If you look at the events tab, each box will provide some hints about where you can find each one.

All of these are like barrels with flower decorations. Finding a fertile barrel will give you specific rewards that are exclusive to this event.

Location 1

The first fertility basket can be found in Springville. Head to the wine market and have a look at the area. When you see a group of barrels in a corner, walk next to it and you will notice a barrel decorated with flowers. Approach him and interact with him to open the treasure chest.

Finding it will give you 1 Shop Ornament, 20,000 Mora, and 2 Varunada Lazurite Fragments.

Location 2

Still the next site for the second fertility basket in Springville. Go near the lake and look in the direction the Draff is standing. From this point of view, you will see a small area of ​​the rock platform on its right side. There, you will see the next treasure chest.

Opening it will give you 20,000 Mora and 2 Mysterious Boost Ore.

Location 3

still in SpringvilleGo to the far south of the area. Look around and you will see a cart next to the house.

Opening it will give you 20,000 Mora and 2 Mystery Boost Ores.

Location 4

Now, you will have to move to a city Mondstadt. Teleport to the blacksmith and make it a reference point. From there, go up the stairs and jump over the wagon. Next to that house is where the fourth fertility impediment is.

You will get 20,000 Mora and 2 Mysterious Boost Ore to get it.

Location 5

We are still in Mondstadt. Go downtown and go next to the statue. Face the statue and look to its right side.

There, you will see the fifth barrier to fertility. Shop Ornament will give you 20,000 Mora and 2 Enhancement Ore.

Location 6

inside MondstadtGo to Angel’s Share’s back portal. Exactly behind it is where the treasure chest is hidden.

When you unlock it, you will receive 1 storefront furniture, 20,000 Mora, and 2 mysterious booster ore.

Location 7

For this, go to Mondstadt Climb to the roof of the Favonius Cathedral just behind the statue in the city center. Traverse the spine of the roof until you reach the wall of the building. You will find treasure there. Once unlocked, you will receive 20,000 Mora and 2 pieces of Agnius Agate.

Location 8

This last site is still in Mondstadt. Go to the training grounds of the Knights of Favonius headquarters. While you are there, look at where Ellen is standing and you will see the treasure chest next to it.

When you unlock this, you’ll get a horizontal accessory, 20,000 mora, and 2 prithiva topaz pieces.

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