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Franco Kernel Manager 6.1.14 APK Download free for Android

Did you know that even when we put the mobile device to sleep, some background tasks still run and even consume a lot of resources? In such cases, you should be aware of these tasks to turn them off, in order to save battery power and to save some costs incurred like bandwidth and data. Franco Kernel Manager APK is developed for this purpose. It can give you statistics about both the hardware and software running on the device. Thanks to it, you can better control your device.

Provide information on Franco Kernel Manager

Currently, Franco Kernel Manager is available on Google Play. Although it is a paid app, there are more than 100,000 direct installs. However, how useful and necessary is the Franco Kernel Manager. In this article, we will explore what this app has to offer!

What is Franco Kernel Manager?

Once again, I want to assure you that Franco Kernel Manager is an application for measuring and statistics of hardware and software parameters for Android devices. More specifically, Franco Kernel Manager will deeply access memory, core processes, and device threads. Measurements will be taken and statistics prepared to send back to you. To do this, Franco Kernel Manager needs root privileges, although the application does not modify or add anything to the original files.

Franco Kernel Manager has a lot of built in functions and managers. You can view stats for CPU clock, uptime, ZRAM, GPU, BUS, battery, Wakelocks or cores on the CPU. Parameters of each type and statistical are retrieved very quickly. This is probably the strong point of Franco Kernel Manager compared to other device management tool.

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