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BONELAB: How to Unlock the Board Gun

While playing BONELAB, you will encounter and test different gadgets and weapons that have out-of-this-world power. Some tools allow you to attach to different walls and surfaces, while some weapons have commendable power.

One such tool that has unexplainable power is Power Puncher. As its name already suggests, this tool allows you to fire a powerful punch once it is equipped. This may seem silly at first, but this is very useful when it comes to combat.

However, these high-quality tools are hidden and scattered from different map locations. So, if you want to get one of these tools, it’s your job to find one for yourself.

But we’re here to help you find these great items. We have put together this guide to tell you where and how you can get Power Puncher in BONELAB.


The first thing you need to do in finding the Power Puncher is to head to the hub. Go to the Tac-Trial area and choose the first option, which is File street puncher. His choice will open the door. Enter the long corridor and it will lead you to the elevator.

Once you finally get off the elevator, you will find yourself inside a comfortable room. Leave the bathroom, then turn left. When you reach the end of the hallway, you should be able to see the exit door. Before you open the exit door, prepare a gun because the guard is behind him.

After dropping the bouncer, go up the stairs and follow the path until you reach the top of the disco. It’s still better to be prepared with your weapon because there are still some guards watching over you.

Go down this area, and use the booster to be able to cross over to the other side. When you actually land on the other side, you will be outside the disco where you will see a lot of railings and stairs.

From there, you will see a platform on the left. Use it to go to the stairs and head to the highest floor. When you finally reach the top, look around for a narrow blue tube. This is nerve-wracking, but you have to cross over to the other side through this.

Having successfully crossed it, proceed to the roof of the next building. You will notice that there is a plank of wood there. Walk near him and push him. This will act as a bridge to the other deck.

Walk to the edge of the roof and look down. You’ll notice a tiled floor below. It is an open area where you can safely jump into. When you finally fall here, you will discover the orb. This is the Power Puncher tool.

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